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Cryptocurrency "Libreum" ICO
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The founder & team of the most Popular Feature phone app store "AppGet" in Japan is establisheing the HTML5 app platform and the ecosystem through cryptocurrency "Libreum".

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We are developing "Liberapp", the HTML5 application platform for smartphone, and the cryptocurrency token "Libreum" (based on the ERC20 Standard), the ecosystem for evaluation and support to HTML5 application publishers, reviewers and users. Now(Jan 2018), we are considering to launch our ICO within 2018.

Our mission is "The magical world for you to distribute your applications openly and freely!". A few OS vendors monopolize channels for native application distribution. Constrained environment compromising freedom of expression is social issue. And new technology for HTML5 such as service worker is emerging. In these social changes, we will launch a new generation HTML5 application distribution platform "Liberapp". In addition, in order to build the non-centralized ecosystem to evaluate and support applications, we issue cryptocurrency token "Libreum" making full use of block chain technology and build a mechanism to directly connect creators ·, consumers and curators.

Liberapp Inc was established in December 2017. We began operating in January 2018. The reason, of announcing the start of consideration at this timing, is to accept the opinion of everyone of users, media and publishers around the world involved in mobile app business for building the best platform. In order to change the world, we are seeking partners / advisors as many as possible, who could support.

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1. Under the laws of any countries and regions, this site and the information we provide are not intended to fall under any type of prospectus or public tender offer. Also, it is not intended to solicit stocks and bonds or encourage investments in stocks and bonds.

2. The ICO is in the stage of consideration. So whether the ICO will be or not, the method and timing of implementation, the countries and regions where token sale is conducted, have yet to be determined. When launching ICO, we plan to design, solicit and sell in accordance with the laws of the countries and regions to be implemented.

About Liberapp Inc.

Liberapp Co., Ltd. was founded in December 2017 to launch the platform that enable developers to develop and distribute applications freely for smartphones. Motoyasu Yamada, founder and CEO of Liberapp Inc, established Spicysoft Inc. at the end of 1999. In 2001, he launched "AppGet", the mobile phone Java application posting and sharing platform. Early in the mid-2000s, most popular mobile games in Japan, such as "Chari-so (Bike rider)", had been posted to "AppGet" by individual young creators. these games had led the Japanese game culture of mobile phones. Three people, including members who participated in the development of "AppGet" for over 10 years, started preparing business from January 2018. Liberapp is widely recruiting members and partners for business expansion. Please feel free to consult us.

Our concept

HTML5 application platform for smartphone


  • With SNS, HTML5 applications can be shared with URL only. Playable in 0 seconds without installing from the link.
  • Settlement platform optimized for mobile applications where credit cards and cryptocurrency tokens can be used.

No pre-reviewing, open decentralized distribution.


  • No pre-review. From casual games, to applications that could not be delivered at existing stores, can be delivered freely.
  • Platforms themselves do not have media. We release application data to the outside. Curators, such as game review media, bloggers can build their own portal or media for HTML5 applications.

Evaluation ecosystem by cryptocurrency token "Libreum"


  • More tokens to creators and publisher who posted applications that were played more and more longer.
  • More tokens to curators who dug up and introduced awesome applications.
  • More tokens to people who evaluated introduction articles of applications created by curators earlier, and people who viralized applications.

Issues to be solved by us.

Improvement of business environment for HTML5 application on browser


  • Currently, the information of HTML5 application is not aggregated. Therefore, the user can not easily search HTML5 application.
  • There is no settlement mechanism to monetize the HTML5 application.

Deadlock in the native application market oligopolized by monopolist companies.


  • Due to the profit of OS vendor's own business, restrictions to the distribution of competing applications and to delivery and billing methods.

Dependence on high-priced charging & soaring marketing expenses

Waste billing

  • Because it depends strongly on freemium, it is difficult for business models other than business models forcing high pricing, to come into effect.
  • The number of releases of new applications has drastically decreased due to the collapse of business models other than high-priced ones that bring high revenue to OS vendors.
  • Due to that influence, business such as review media playing the role of spreading new applications is struggling.As a result, there are fewer ways to appeal new applications. Mass marketing is required and it costs a lot of money.

Our ideal world after three years latter


How is such a new world?


The world where various applications with challenging various business models and various genres are developed and delivered more and more without being afraid to change of rules by gods such as AppStore / GooglePlay.

How is such a new world?


A lot of awesome apps without high-price loot box and disturbing advertisements.

How is such a new world?


No dependencies on loot box business, so a variety of interesting apps will be born in the world.

How is such a new world?


Even applications that can not pay expensive development cost or promotional expenses, can be reached to and be played by many people, and be monetized.


Opened the world of closed markets of feature phone applications .

The mobile Internet in the world began in i-mode born in Japan in 1999. Also, the world's first mobile phones that can download and execute applications(i-appli) were launched in 2001. However, the i-mode portal "i-Menu" was a closed world where only a few major companies could join. So we started application posting & sharing service "AppGet" in 2001. There like the Internet, everyone can deliver applications on mobile phones, and everyone can created their business with applications.

"AppGet" changed Japanese cell phone game culture 20 years ago

Early mobile phone applications were dominated by ported titles from home game devices provided by major game companies such as Tetris. Gradually a lot of mobile applications began to be posted to "AppGet" by creators of high school students and college students who supported mobile phone culture. Then "Chari-so" (English title is "Bike Rider". Run and jump game.) which was enthusiastically popular to high school students at the time were born. When questionnaires were taken on the street, the majority of the high school students answered that they were playing it. This monster title was not created by a professional, but was created by the young creators' hands. We believe that it is not an exaggeration to say that we contributed to a part of Japanese mobile phone culture.

Smartphone applications world where freedom was lost by monopoly through vertical integration.

However, in the smartphone era, the market for applications is oligopolized by Apple and Google which provide OS and devices. Especially Apple's unjust acts such as restricting other companies competing with their business are in doubt. Since the era of smartphones, unfair regulations and opaque judgment led to a liberating place.Since the era of smartphones, unfair regulations and opaque judgment led to upset free and open market.

Overcoming the past HTML 5 error and trial

In the early days of smartphones, HTML5's challenge by Facebook etc. did not succeed. However, the specifications of devices have evolved and the technology of HTML 5 has evolved. It is now time to launch the HTML5 application platform "Liberapp" to regain open and free world!



Advisor · Investor · InsideSquare Inc. CEO
Yuta Hoshino

Yuta Hoshino

When he was a high school student, he developed "Chari-so" and won the award of "AppGet" contest. Chari-so, which he created, became the biggest hit of the mobile application industry. And it was ported to many platforms and won 1st place in annual sales ranking in Nintendo 3DS etc. Currently he founded "IndieSquare Inc", which is the block chain venture, and works as CEO.

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Advisor · Investor · Representative Director of Kurashiteku Corporation · Former Representative Director MUGENUP Co., Ltd.
Ryota Ichioka

Ryota Ichioka

Joined Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation in 2010, Established MUGENUP Co., Ltd. in 2011, assumed office as Representative Director.He won first prize at "Job Creation 2014" which honors start-up companies that contributed to job creation.In October 2016, Representative Director of Kurashiteku Co., Ltd., Director of Kitasaikai Medical Corporation, Director of Shoyo Kai, the social welfare corporation.


Yozo Ueda

Yozo Ueda

July 1974 Joined "NEC Corporation", 1992 Managing Director of "Melco (now Buffalo) Co., Ltd". August 2008 Corporate Auditor of "Spicysoft Corporation".


Tatsuo Sakamoto

Tatsuo Sakamoto

After he was graduated from the University of Tokyo and worked at Rakuten and Google, he oversees the business development of AppLovin, which is the mobile application advertisement company of US, in Japan from 2015. He has appeared regularly as "Mobile Application Master" in the application introduction TV program "Topical App , Isn't it great?" (Tokyo MX). He also energetically gives lectures, writes articles and blogs about marketing and monetization of mobile applications.


Sihnya Sakamori

Sihnya Sakamori

He was graduated from University of Tsukuba and joined Spicysoft Corporation. He started his career as a public relations officer and moved to the web media "AppGet" (the reviewing media about mobile games) business department in 2011. In September 2014 he assumed the editor-in chief in January 2017 and took charge of executive officer. He spun out and established AppGet Inc and assumed CEO in February 2018.



Founder CEO
Motoyasu Yamada

Motoyasu Yamada

Former CEO, Spicysoft Corporation. In Spicysoft, he launched Mobile Java application distribution platform business "AppGet" in feature phone era in 2001. He made the soil where the Japanese mobile game culture was born.

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Co-Founder / Front-end Engineer
Akito Soma

Akito Soma

Started programming with mobile applications in the age of students, and won a prize at the convention organized by docomo Tohoku. He joined Spicysoft in 2009 and is involved as a front end engineer for AppGet etc. He would like to create a world where awesome indy games will be promoted without expensive advertisement because he loves those.


Back-end Engineer
Masaki Takegami

Masaki Takegami

Bachelor's degree in the University of Tokyo. He passed the National Public Service Examination. However, He did not enter. He joined Spicysoft in 2004. He has worked on the development of platforms such as "AppGet" for 10 years. He is a excellent full stack engineer who can do anything from native applications to back-end and infrastructure.

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We need your support

We would like to receive various feedback from users, creators, publishers, and media to create a new world with the new HTML5 application platform. Also, we are looking for partners of application publishers and application related media that can support the platform. Furthermore, please contact us if you are interested in or impressed with our ideas at the stakeholders and related companies of the mobile application industries. Feel free to talk to us through the Facebook group and Telegram.

You developing and distributing applications


Liberapp is a platform to support "you" to develop and distribute applications. I want to incorporate your feedback from the earliest stage and build a platform. If you are interested in our idea, why not consider your partnership with us right now and make a new world together?

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You appealing new applications


You, who are working at appealing applications such as game media, blogs, YouTuber etc ! Let's create an open platform with us and create a world where application publishers and creators will be rewarded? Also, let's make a world where people who introduce and promote awesome applications will be rewarded together!

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You loving games

Game fun

Are not you excited about the world where not only loot box games, but also many more different applications are produced? In addition, we will be very encouraged just by your share the fact that "There is a team launching an interesting platform called Liberapp" in SNS, conversation, etc . Moreover, we are waiting for hot support and opinions.

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